Welcome to our Careers Advice service!

PsicologiaLondra decided to help students and professionals in their career path by providing a full range of career counseling services.

The services are provided by qualified professionals such as Clinical Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Researchers through their personal experience.
Therefore, the Career Services are not intended to be mentoring or coaching services but a guidance for individuals willing to enter in the UK market.

The professionals providing the services are not responsible for the success or failure of your application and the accuracy of the information provided by you, but we will ensure professionalism and commitment in providing the required services.

The services are not related to the results of your application and/or we cannot ensure you will be granted an interview or a position following our advice.

The services are not refundable.

For information email us at careersadvice@psicologialondra.com


Please read our Terms & Conditions for any limitation of liability clause.
The Career Services include:

CVs and Cover Letter Writing

Before sending your CV and Cover Letter to your potential employer you want to be sure that you covered all relevant topics and that there are no mistakes. Sometimes the format of your CV is difficult to read and not all your previous working experiences are relevant to the job.

We can help in reviewing your CV and Cover Letter, advising you in avoiding common mistakes and make your CV easier to be read by your future employer. We will review your draft and amend it as necessary.

Job Application – Help & Support

Are you currently applying for a job and struggling to complete the application form? Are you constantly procrastinating it? Do you find it difficult to describe yourself and your skill-set in a concise and persuasive way? We can help you in working together the best way to assist you in completing your application and tailoring the content of your CV and Cover Letter for a specific role.

Interview Skills Training

Did you get an interview for an internship or a vacancy in your sector of interests and you are not sure how to maximise your potentials? Is it your first interview in UK and you do not know what to expect?

We can help you with a face to face training (in person or via Skype). During the session we will discuss:

The Interview Basics

Handling Difficult Questions

Targeted Interview Questions

One-to-One sessions

One hour consultation with one of us to talk about employment, application process, your CV and Cover Letters, how to maximize your potentials and how to find job opportunities in UK.

Title Conversion and Private Practice Set-Up

Are you qualified in Italy and thinking to move in UK? Do you need information on how to convert your title and how to start your practice in the UK? It might be tough at the beginning especially if you are not familiar with the bureaucratic step to follow to reach your target. We have been through the process and thanks to our experience we can help you and advise you in all the steps to be taken and how to avoid delays.

We will also help you in setting up your own practice giving you all the relevant information to start your own private practice.


£ 30 Students (currently enrolled in academic courses or just graduated)
£ 40 Professionals (members of professional bodies or similar)


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