Q: Why did you decide to go to therapy?

A: I chose to go to therapy because I couldn’t face my problems alone anymore and because my mother suggested it to me.


Q: What issues were/are you struggling with?

A: I had problems relating to my teachers and schoolmates and it caused me panic attacks and fear. I couldn’t focus on school anymore, thus I stopped going to school.


Q: What type of therapy did you choose and why (orientation, frequency, long/short term)?

A: My therapist was a psychologist specialised in children and family issues. In the beginning of the therapy I saw her twice a week and after a month, once a week.


Q: What was most important to you when choosing a therapist?

A: I was sixteen, so my mother chose my therapist on my behalf.


Q: What did you find most helpful about the experience?

A: I think that my therapist helped me explore some issues about my behaviour that I never understood before therapy, and to know myself better.


Q: What was most difficult?

A: Waiting for therapy to “work”.


Q: What happens during your therapy session?

A: I just talked about what was on my mind and sometimes she asked me to write “fake” letters to my schoolmates and teachers. Once she asked me to punch a mattress to express my feelings.


Q: Have you noticed positive changes in your life since you started?

A: I found it helpful in the long term. Therapy didn’t tangibly help me with my problems but it gave me the strenght to go back to school. But my fear of going to school and my panic attacks ended when I changed school.


Q: Are you still struggling with the issues that initially brought you to therapy?

A: No


Q: Finally, would you recommend it to other people facing similar issues?

A: Yes, but I think that someone has to choose carefully the type of therapy and approach that suits best the issues that they have to face. The kind of therapy I went through helped me with some aspects of my personality and behaviour but not with the problem itself (going to

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