The Contract 

These Terms constitute the contract between You and (“Us” or “We” or “Website”). By subscribing to the Website, You are deemed to accept The Terms.

The Terms, together with any document referred to therein, contain the entire agreement between You and Us.

We can make changes to The Terms in our sole discretion and notify You of these changes. Continuing to subscribe to the Website after notification means that you have understood and accepted these Terms.


Website Use

You accept that is purely a directory of counsellors, psychotherapists and other professionals, published for information to the public and does not in any way constitute a reference, validation or endorsement of You, the subscriber or your business.

In order to subscribe to the Website, You must provide your up to date name, address, telephone number, email address, training, qualifications, experience, areas of counselling, and proof of professionalism (“the Information”). By providing this Information, You are agreeing that it can be made available to the public via our Website, that it is up to date and correct, and that You will continue to monitor it and keep it up to date.

You agree the Information that You provide for inclusion on the Website will be accurate at the time it is given and will, amongst other things, include all accurate and relevant qualifications together with an indication of insurance cover, or alternatively details of registration with a professional body. Further, You agree that any qualifications You send to Us were not gained through a long distance learning course. If You are an organisation rather than an individual, the relevant information to be given will be the same nature of information as it relates to a member or members of that organisation.
You agree that you will maintain the Information and ensure that it is up to date at all times. Should there be any change in any of the Information, You agree that You will advise Us of the change within 7 days of the change being effected. Further, you agree that You will advise Us if any complaint is, or ever has been, made against You.
You agree that any testimonial You provide via email or post can be used on the Website with Your name displayed against it.


You agree that you will pay the Subscription Fees either in accordance with the current monthly or annual rate as set out at the time of subscription. Such Fees will be paid on your due date as set out on the first invoice (“the Due Date”). Subscription Fees paid by credit/debit card will be debited automatically on the Due Date.
In the event that any Monthly or Annual Fee is not paid within 14 days of the Due Date, You agree to pay interest at a rate of 5% above the base rate of Barclays Bank compounded monthly from Due Date until payment. You further agree that should any Monthly or Annual Subscription Fee remain outstanding for 30 days or more after the Due Date then We have the right to terminate this contract with immediate effect and remove your name from our Website. In such cases the full amount of the outstanding Subscription Fees shall remain due and owing and shall accrue interest in accordance with this clause.

You agree that We can change the Subscription Fees by giving You one calendar month’s  notice.
When You make payment using credit/debit card, your payment details will be entered on the Website but shall remain secure and private. A secure server is used to protect your information. When You enter payment details on the locked padlock symbol in the bottom right hand corner is displayed, which means the Website is secure, and private information can be sent safely.

Cancellation & Refund Policy
Either party may terminate the Contract on one calendar month’s written notice to the other. Any payment due to be made by You during that notice period will still be taken by Us. This applies whether You are paying monthly or annually. For the avoidance of doubt any payment even if received after Notice is given, will be retained by Us.
No refund of any monthly or annual subscriptions will be made despite cancellation pursuant to this clause.
Termination may be made by Us on immediate written notice in the event payment is not made within 30 days from the Due Date.
No payment will be taken from your account until your entry appears on the Website. If your application is unsuccessful, You shall not be charged.

Rights of Psicologialondra to remove Website Information
In the event We receive any complaint by a Website User, which, upon reasonable enquiries appears in our sole discretion to be genuine, We may refer the matter to You for your input, or may without reference to You, remove your Information.

In the event We are notified that You have not updated and properly monitored the Information appropriately under these Terms, may, in its sole discretion, remove your Information.

Limitation of liability
We expressly exclude all responsibility and liability for the accuracy or otherwise of the  Information and shall have no liability whatsoever in the event that a Website User shall claim to be misinformed or suffer any loss or costs or hardship as a result of relying on acting upon the information provided by You and appearing on the Website.
Notwithstanding the generality of the above clause, We will specifically not be responsible for the accuracy or otherwise of the Information, the updating of it or the content in any way. Which shall at all times remain Your liability.
We will not be liable for any interruption or temporary or otherwise shut down of the Website or any omissions, interruptions, suspension or deletion of any files or Information. Furthermore We will not be liable in any way for any indirect or consequential loss resulting from the  Information published on the Website.

We do not guarantee the security of any Information or any other information transmitted over the Internet pursuant to Your subscription.

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