date:  3 March, 2-5pm

description:  The current economic climate, coupled with the roll-out of the two                            year old education offer, not only poses sustainability challenges                              to private childcare providers across the country, but also creates                            risks to childcare quality. The latest DFE Childcare and Early Years                            Providers Survey ( documented                                      profit margins and measures employed to stem losses among day                              nurseries, childminders and out-of-school services, alongside rich                            information about school-based early years services.

At the next ICMEC seminar Ivana Lavalle, co-author of this report                             and current ICMEC Visiting Scholar, will highlight salient factors                                 supporting private provider sustainability which remain topical                                 today. Our second speaker, Courteney Donaldson, Director                                           Corporate Childcare at Christie and Co, brings a business                                                 intelligence perspective to these issues, based on her involvement                             in every major UK nursery transaction since 2006.

We look forward to a lively discussion and hope you will take part.

The seminar will be on Monday 3 March, 2-5pm in KD.2.13,                                          Docklands Campus.

The event is free, but please confirm your attendance via the link                                below                                          seminar.php


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