How do antidepressants work? 

Antidepressants are medication specifically designed to correct and restore balance of important chemicals (the neurotransmitters) in the brain that have a deep effect on mood and level of energy of an individual.

Are Antidepressant addictive?

NO, absolutely Not. They also Not provide any High or sort of alteration to the cognitive perception.

Am I sure to get better if I take an Antidepressant?

Almost 75% of people who are going through depression recover completely with an adequate trial of medication. To strength the effect of medications many researches show that combination of psychotherapy and medications is the most effective way to fight major depression episodes. Not all the antidepressant medications work in the same way: you might respond better to another type, so if you will not feel better after a trial, there are many chances you will respond better to another type of medication.

How Long will the antidepressant medication take to work?

People have reported to feel the medication effects after 3-6 weeks. Sleep and appetite improve first, it takes longer to see the effect on your mood.  if no effect after 6 weeks it is very important to see a GP or a psychiatrist, you might have to change medication. Some side-effects are caused by this medications, they have been short lasting effect and it is important to keep taking the medication, unless you feel very bad side effects.

How long will I have to take the Antidepressant?

Guidelines suggest to take your antidepressant till 9 months after your depressive episode has been resolved. this to prevent the onset of a new episode, especially if it has not been the first.

What should I do if I forget to take a Dose of Antidepressant?

Take your next dose at a regular time. NOT TAKE A DOUBLE DOSE. If by mistake you take a double dose, it might be important to visit your Doctor or to speak with him about it.

Should I drink Alcohol if I am on Antidepressant?

Many side effects have been related to drinking alcohol and taking Antidepressant. So it is better not. Never binge Drink  when you are on Antidepressant.

Can I stop taking medication once I start feeling better?

NO. You first have to discuss this with your clinician. this might cause you a second and major episode of Depression and low mood. In many cases you will have to stop gradually and continue to take the medications up to 9 months after the depressive episode.


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