Q: Why did you decide to go to therapy?

A: “My new job required me to often speak in public and I was tired of having to deal with such high levels of anxiety on a regular basis.”


Q: What issues were/are you struggling with?

A: “Fear of public speaking and blushing”


Q: What type of therapy did you choose and why (orientation, frequency, long/short term)?

A: “I chose to see a hypnotherapist. We met once weekly for six weeks.”


Q: What was most important to you when choosing a therapist?

A: “I chose someone I could feel comfortable with and whom I could trust.”


Q: What did you find most helpful about the experience?

A: “I found hypnotherapy very relaxing and enjoyable. I always left the sessions feeling really good and positive.”


Q: What happens during your therapy session?

A: “I would discuss with my therapist how things had been going during the week, in relation to the anxiety and blushing. It would then be followed by sitting with my eyes closed and following the suggestions and techniques led by the therapist.”


Q: Have you noticed positive changes in your life since you started?

A: “Yes. I feel more confident.”


Q: Are you still struggling with the issues that initially brought you to therapy?

A: “At times, but the anxiety has significantly decreased. I also feel less worried of being judged by others.”


Q: Finally, would you recommend it to other people facing similar issues?

A: “Yes. It has been really helpful and I would definitely recommend it. ”


Eleonora Corvetta

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