In Great Britain, after a Bachelor degree in Psychology, there are different training paths that can be undertaken. Besides Psychotherapy schools, there are the oprions of a Research Doctorate (Phd) or Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Phd study programs train Psychologists to understand and apply research in an innovative way. Since the main focus in this case is not on the clinical aspects of the field of Psychology, this doctorate does not lead to the title of clinical Psychologist.

The DclinPsy has as first goal to give the best training in the field of clinical practice and, instead, results in a qualification recognised by the HCPC; as a graduate from a DPsy program you can expect to excel in practice-related knowledge and experience, and be familiar with research methodology. The DclinPsy could be compared to Italian Psychotherapy schools, but lasting three years and covering a range of at least two therapeutic approaches. Another difference, between the English doctorate and the Italian training schools, is that the doctorate in Clinical Psychology is founded by the NHS (non-founded places are also available but they are usually for non-European students, that in addition are required to obtain the eligibility to work in the UK).

Eligibility to the doctorate in Clinical Psychologist is quite limited, not only because this is a course it requires high academic standards, but also because of the massive request of placements: in 2012 only 16% applicants we offered a place (594 request on 3725 applications).

Every year different universities provide a number of founded and non-founded placements; every university can choose the number of placements and some of the admission criteria.

All the applications must be done through an on-line system on the CHCCP website. Every candidate can choose to submit his or her application to a maximum of four different universities. Courses start at the end of the fall but the applications must be done before the end of November of the previous year, because of the complex evaluation system.

The entry requirements are:

  • A Bachelor degree
  • Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership, standard set by the British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • Evidence of your ability in English language IELTS score of 7 with no elements below 6.5 (but every university can set a different minimal score) or TOEFL score of 100.

Candidates selected on the basis of their application forms, are contacted by the specific universities for another evaluation interview and/or for further assessment. The ones who overcome this step will be admitted to the courses.

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