CBT.courses.uk is a new project that aims to spread knowledge and awareness about Mental Health and research-based therapy as CBT.
Our mission is to empower with education, freedom from stress and real tools to tackle everyday mental health difficulties.

Are you burnt out? Find out how to recognise the early symptoms of this syndrome and how to change your behaviour to achieve a better life!

Fight anxiety and vicious thoughts with this simple and effective exercise!

Take a break and focus on your coffee. This will help you to re-organise your thoughts and focus on yourself.

Let Nishita guide you in this simple and effective exercise to reduce the intensity of negative emotions and to fight anxiety.

Luca shows you how to relax your eyes when you spend a long time in front of you PC. 

Understanding depression is the first step to fight it. Nishita will explain to us how it works and how to reverse the vicious circle.