Luca Pozzi

Luca Pozzi Luca Pozzi is a psychological wellbeing practitioner at Barnet IAPT, North London, where he treated successfully more than 100 patients with depression and anxiety in the last year only. He has been previously part of NHFT IAPT service. Graduated in Psychologist at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, where he later obtained a degree in Clinical Psychology. He has been trained in the "Mentalization based treatment" at the Anna Freud Centre and has worked within the Day Care Eating Disorder Unit of the Maudsley Hospital and as assistant research at the Cassel Hospital specialist service for Personality disorder the only Clinical Community founded directly by Central NHS to support people with suicidal ideation and Personality Disorders. Areas of expertise: Eating Disorders / Depression and Anxiety/ Developmental Psychology / Personality Disorders/ Panic Attack/ Low self esteem / Relational Difficulties/ Personal Empowerment / Sexual difficulties. Trainee in CBT Hypnotherapy at the UK college of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

Articles by Luca Pozzi:

A psychological review of the film “The Star Maker” by Giuseppe Tornatore

Feb 07, 2016
A psychological re-reading of Giuseppe Tornatore’s movie “The Star Maker” (“L’uomo delle stelle”) shows how it reflects intra-psychic, interpersonal and cultural synchronous dimensions and how it can be an immediate and archetypal key into our contemporary culture, one which is intensely self-absorbed. The movie tells the story of the merchant of dreams, Joe Morelli, manager Read the full article...

How messy problems can inspire creativity

Jan 26, 2016
Simply take a moment and breath, everything is not going as you are expecting, ” shit happens” and you might feel your heart beating faster than usual and your mind foggy. Your face might blushing or a deep sense of frustrations taking over. “how did I made this mistake?” ” how could I have been Read the full article...

How to stop verbal Bullying

Jul 07, 2015
How to stop verbal Bullying Bullies come in different kinds. The verbal bully uses words as weapons against you. The direct verbal bully says insulting things to your face. The indirect verbal bully says insulting things about you within your hearing or behind your back. This article explains how to defend against a verbal bully. Read the full article...

Dan Gilbert: The psychology of your future self

Jun 10, 2015

Guided relaxation from changing minds, click and relax

Apr 28, 2015

Regain your Healthy Sleep Routine

Sep 26, 2014
A practical approach to defeat insomnia and sleeping problems: This practical list of simple rules and healthy skills will help you change your poor sleep. It is not easy and you will need to put your effort in it. We ensure it is well worth and you will see the results as soon as two Read the full article...

FAQ regarding Antidepressant Medication

Jul 31, 2014
How do antidepressants work?  Antidepressants are medication specifically designed to correct and restore balance of important chemicals (the neurotransmitters) in the brain that have a deep effect on mood and level of energy of an individual. Are Antidepressant addictive? NO, absolutely Not. They also Not provide any High or sort of alteration to the cognitive Read the full article...

ADHD or not ADHD?

Feb 18, 2014
Psicologilondra’s tests: 15 questions to help you find out if there is a problem.  This test does not have any diagnostic value and thus cannot be used instead of the opinion of an expert. Read the questions carefully and answer sincerely. This questionnaire is intended to be filled in by the parents or guardians of Read the full article...

How did therapy help? Low self-esteem: a client’s experience of therapy

Jan 25, 2014
Q: Why did you decide to go to therapy? A: “Because there are things in my life I want to change and I did not find the strength in myself to do it” Q: What issues were/are you struggling with? A: “Lack of assertiveness, Inability to stay on my own, Depression” Q: What type of Read the full article...


May 15, 2013


May 15, 2013
Articles Anxiety disorders Attachment attachment-mentalization-borderline-personality-disorder Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Autism Spectrum Disorder CBT with older patients Conduct Disorder Dental anxiety and dental phobia Depression: an introduction Eating Disorders Insomnia: an overview Psychosis Shyness, Social Anxiety or Social Phobia? Some considerations on ADHD in adulthood Understanding mental illness in every day life: Bipolar Affective Disorder  A psychological review Read the full article...

About Us

May 15, 2013
WELCOME TO THE NETWORK OF ITALIAN PSYCHOLOGISTS IN LONDON AND  UK: PSICOLOGIALONDRA.COM!   We are a group of Italian psychologists and researchers in Psychology who are living, working and training in London. We are creating this website to offer the Italian community in London and UK concrete and practical support in all aspects of Mental Read the full article...