We are a group of Italian psychologists and researchers in Psychology who are living, working and training in London. We are creating this website to offer the Italian community in London and UK concrete and practical support in all aspects of Mental Health.

We would like this website to be an open space for discussion and growth for all those who are professionally involved or simply interested in Psychology. Our combined clinical and research experience enables us to offer a highly specialised contribution to a variety of aspects of the Psychological fields. For instance, with our “Blog” section we are aiming to create a forum for debate and dialogue to continue our search for cutting hedge knowledge.

PsicologiaLondra.com is a place where Italian psychologists working in London can share their interests, experience and professional skills, also in order to facilitate contacts with Italian clients and colleagues.

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Enjoy our website!

The team of PsicologiaLondra.com



  • Eleonora Corvetta

    Eleonora Corvetta Eleonora Corvetta is a qualified counsellor having trained at Re-vision, Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis. Moreover, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Universita’ Vita-Salute San Raffaele and a Master’s degree in Psychodynamics from the British Association of Psychotherapists. Eleonora is a counsellor at the Wimbledon Guild working with adults and adolescents. She is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.
  • Elisa De Carolis

    Elisa De Carolis Elisa graduated in law at the Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna. She is a qualified lawyer and is currently training for admission to the UK Roll of Solicitors in addition. She also attended a Master in law (LLM) in European and International law. Elisa lives in London since 2008 and is very sensitive to the Italian community's needs in London.
  • Floriana Bua

    Floriana Bua Floriana has a Master's Degree (honours) in Psychology, Neuroscience and Rehabilitation at the Sapienza University of Rome, and she is now refining her studies in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in the United Kingdom. Following a period of placement in a therapeutic community specialized in the treatment of Personality Disorders (WLMHT), Floriana is currently working for the National Health Service (NHS), as well as improving her skills through a Master's Degree in Mental Health Practitioner.
  • Giorgia Michelini

    Giorgia Michelini Giorgia Michelini is a PhD Candidate at the MRC Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry (SGDP) centre, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London. After completing a Bachelor's and a Master’s degree in Psychology from Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan, she moved to London to do a research placement at the SGDP centre, where she then started a PhD programme. Her research explores cognitive-neurophysiological markers and risk factors for ADHD and related conditions. In the last few years she has worked on several research projects on developmental psychopathology using cognitive neuroscience and behavioural genetics approaches.
  • Luca Pozzi

    Luca Pozzi Luca Pozzi is a psychological wellbeing practitioner at Barnet IAPT, North London, where he treated successfully more than 100 patients with depression and anxiety in the last year only. He has been previously part of NHFT IAPT service. Graduated in Psychologist at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, where he later obtained a degree in Clinical Psychology. He has been trained in the "Mentalization based treatment" at the Anna Freud Centre and has worked within the Day Care Eating Disorder Unit of the Maudsley Hospital and as assistant research at the Cassel Hospital specialist service for Personality disorder the only Clinical Community founded directly by Central NHS to support people with suicidal ideation and Personality Disorders. Areas of expertise: Eating Disorders / Depression and Anxiety/ Developmental Psychology / Personality Disorders/ Panic Attack/ Low self esteem / Relational Difficulties/ Personal Empowerment / Sexual difficulties. Trainee in CBT Hypnotherapy at the UK college of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.
  • Marta Bezzone

    Marta Bezzone Marta holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology obtained with honours from Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele in 2011. She is enrolled in the professional psychologists register in Lombardy (registration n° 03/16021). After a one-year internship, focused on the diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders at the Psychological Service of the San Raffaele Hospital, she is now intern researcher at the Cassel Hospital in Richmond. She also specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities at Università Cattolica in Milan.
  • Piero Moliterni

    Piero Moliterni Piero Moliterni is a psychologist, trainee in cognitive-interpersonal psychotherapy. He holds a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in "Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychological Rehabilitation" at Sapienza, University of Rome. Piero has worked within the NHS (Cassel Hopital, specialised in personality disorder treatments) and the Italian National Mental Heath System, gaining experience both as a researcher and as a clinical psychologist. He is currently involved in a MRI study funded by UCL and the Anna Freud Centre, which aims to investigate shared and differential neurological pathways of BPD and ASPD in adults and adolescents. His main interest is in the clinical implications of attachment theory, the prevention of schizophrenia and the effects of traumatic experiences on cognitive impairment.
  • Pietro Caggiano

    Pietro Caggiano Pietro Caggiano holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychological techniques for the analysis of normal and pathological cognitive processes, and a Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychological Rehabilitation, which he obtained with honour. Following an interniship at IRCC San Raffaele Pisana Hospital (Rome), concerning both reactive depression and anxiety disorder treatment and cognitive skills impairment evaluation, he decided to refine his studies in Neuropsichology in the U.K. Currently, he is an research intern at Goldsmith's University of London, in the Department of Psychology. His interests mainly focus on the study of cognitive mechanisms underlying memory and body representation. In particular, his research activity is focused on the development of new diagnostic tools for the assessment and the rehabilitation of Personal Neglect Syndrome.
  • Serena Sciarratta

    Serena Sciarratta Serena holds a degree in clinical psychology, developmental and neuropsychology. She subscribed to the professional psychologists register in Lombardy (registration n°03/16010) and obtained a specialization in eating disorders at ABA (Association for the Study and Research of Anorexia, bulimia, obesity and eating disorders) in Milan. In London she has worked within the NHS at the Cassel Hospital, in Richmond, gaining experience both as a researcher and as a clinical psychologist. Serena is currently carrying out a project of prevention and promotion of individual and professional well-being through the creation of corporate agendas aimed at organizational health. She is currently completing the specialization in Psychosomatic Psychotherapy at the Aneb Institute, in Milan.