This workshop is designed to help continue to uphold and enhance our professional standards as psychologists (both qualified and in-training). Specifically this workshop aims to:

  • Introduce the notion of Ethics (e.g. what is ethics and how we can evaluate these);
  • Discuss the standards of the Health Professions Council (HPC) to illustrate ethics and ethical practice;
  • Explore the ethics of organisations, versus the ethics of our professional and regulatory bodies;
  • Explore the impact of an organisation on an individual’s ethical decision making, including organisational culture;
  • Explore unethical practice, including the realms of unethical practice (e.g. irresponsible behaviour, exploitation, fearful and inappropriate rationalizations, unaware or misinformed of ethical standards, inexperience of ethical decision making);
  • Consider ethical dilemmas;
  • Explore the process of ethical decision making in order to facilitate best felt solutions.


09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee
10:00 Workshop starts (there will be a 30min break for lunch)
16:30 Workshop ends

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